Formlabs is a company I co-founded with Max Lobovsky and Natan Linder which aims to bring truly professional quality rapid prototyping abilities to the masses in the form of a low cost, easy to use desktop 3D printer - the Form 1.

During my time with the company from its founding until my departure in December 2012, I was a key contributor to its early prototyping, seed fundraising, user interaction design, product design, brand development, and overall design strategy.

As part of the company's marketing efforts in the lead up to product launch, I was fortunate to have the chance to work closely with cinematographer/editor Juriaan Booij to produce, write, and direct our Kickstarter video (right) for the initial crowdfunding campaign that raised nearly $3,000,000.

More information about the process of building the Form 1 can be seen in my talk at SOLID 2014.

You can buy one here.