ShakeOnIt is an exploration into how existing social rituals can be used to encode digital (ha!) information, especially for authentication.

The system itself consists of a pair of gloves outfitted with soft sensors which can detect contact when a series of multiperson handshake gestures have been performed.

As opposed to a normal password or key system where access can be conferred quickly and anonymously, a system of this type requires that new users must spend time practicing the performance with those already "in the know" in order to learn the series of collaborative gestures.

This project was hailed as "The World's Biggest Waste of an Arduino" by Gizmodo, and published in the proceedings of TEI 2011.  The paper can be downloaded here.

With Amanda Peyton, Arlene Persaud, Rajiv Bhatia, Sinbae Kim, V. M. Bove, and Hiroshi Ishii